Harry Styles - Kiwi

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She's driving me crazy, but I'm into it, but I'm into it
I'm kinda into it
It's getting crazy, I think I'm losing it, I think I'm losing it
Oh, I think she said "I'm having your baby, it's none of your business"
"I'm having your baby, it's none of your business"
(It's none of your, it's none of your)
"I'm having your baby (Hey, ah), it's none of your business" (Oh)
"I'm having your baby (Hey, hey), it's none of your, it's none of your" (Ow!)
#Kiwi​ #HarryStyles #Pop

Devine Gamingꪜ
Devine Gamingꪜ Soat oldin
This man voice is cool he should collab with liam,niall,Louis and zayn. It will be great
Aylem Gamarra
Aylem Gamarra Soat oldin
Katherine__ Soat oldin
gabi e só gabi
gabi e só gabi 3 soat oldin
this was the most confusing mv that I've ever seen KKKKKKKKKKKKKK
fokingavacado28 5 soat oldin
nothing make sense here
Juana Torres Condado Duarte
Juana Torres Condado Duarte 6 soat oldin
Como sos tan perfeto?
Kanika 7 soat oldin
This song . . . It's my life Nothin makes sense
Phoebe Rose
Phoebe Rose 7 soat oldin
Y’ALL I FINALLY UNDERSTAND THE MV ⚠️PAYNE ALERT⚠️ So the kids in the music video represent One Direction since the theory I have was when they were kids. Larries, this is gonna hurt. If you’re a larry you know about the cake fight and how it’s a big part of the whole fandom. If you don’t know, basically, that day One Direction performed in a gay bar, and it was one of the only times we got to see Harry and Louis be super close with each other and it seemed more than a friendship. They looked very happy that day, and there was a cake fight. The next day Louis tweeted how Simon had called him to talk about something that had happened the night before. Then Louis and Harry never really got as close as they were that day ever again. The theory was that Simon made him sign the contract that he couldn’t be open with Harry. The music video has a cake fight. With kids. Harry and Louis had a cake fight as kids on the last day they could just be themselves. And when Harry walks in on the kids having a cake fight, if you look at his face he kinda just looks hurt, or memories just coming back. OUCH.
Esmeralda Gabarre
Esmeralda Gabarre 8 soat oldin
Harry Styles
Harry Styles 11 soat oldin
Next naughty list
shreya 11 soat oldin
Jeevan Gadgil
Jeevan Gadgil 11 soat oldin
shreya 11 soat oldin
Harry Styles
Harry Styles 11 soat oldin
Naughty list
Harry Styles
Harry Styles 11 soat oldin
Jeevan Gadgil
Jeevan Gadgil 11 soat oldin
Only harreh has the power to make a music video completely different than the lyrics of the song😂😂
shreya 11 soat oldin
Harry Styles
Harry Styles 11 soat oldin
shreya 11 soat oldin
Those kids were so lucky they worked with HARRY STYLES
Harry Styles
Harry Styles 11 soat oldin
Jeevan Gadgil
Jeevan Gadgil 11 soat oldin
Harry Styles
Harry Styles 11 soat oldin
Jeevan Gadgil
Jeevan Gadgil 11 soat oldin
shreya 11 soat oldin
Vhanya Gumay
Vhanya Gumay 13 soat oldin
I swear sometimes i wonder how harry's mind works.... Its honestly amazing
Vhanya Gumay
Vhanya Gumay 13 soat oldin
So we all here in 2021?
Queen Mahsa
Queen Mahsa 13 soat oldin
Loui wrote this song on 2015 with harry. Harry wants to show us that little girl with long hair and same suit actually is him!!!! Harry with long hair in 2015. Loui once said:" I wrote a song that is a dance song and is very special and personal to me! But I cant tell you about it!" And there's a video of 2015 harry singing " I'm having your baby, it's non of your business"!!!!!!
Dayana Stylinson
Dayana Stylinson 15 soat oldin
Bien confuso el pedo pero amamos la canción, siono banda???
Sydnie Lagasse
Sydnie Lagasse 17 soat oldin
i mean i wanted to have a custom matching gucci suit with harry-
Talia Godfrey
Talia Godfrey 18 soat oldin
The chorus: Quinn Fabray telling Puckerman she’s giving Beth up for adoption
Tomas Gonzales
Tomas Gonzales 20 soat oldin
Pelea con tortas me trae recurdos
amy cruz
amy cruz 22 soat oldin
I just finished chapter 90 of duplicity so just crying to this
Marisol Barrios
Marisol Barrios 22 soat oldin
Amo esta canción
Rachel Swetz
Rachel Swetz 22 soat oldin
*no children or animals were harmed in the making of this video* 😂😂😂😂
zaina khalid
zaina khalid Kun oldin
LMAOOO "no kids were harmed in the making of this"
Gia demario
Gia demario Kun oldin
sir, you have some explaining to do about the box😀
Meth Gunasekara
Meth Gunasekara Kun oldin
Can someone explain to me about what happened to the lyrics in the description! LOL😆
Meth Gunasekara
Meth Gunasekara Kun oldin
Noone: Me: Remembering Children dying without anything to eat...
ekin ekin
ekin ekin Kun oldin
1:18 the kid who said "What the fuck" is such a mood💀
Lᴀʀʀʏ Hᴇᴀʀᴛ
Lᴀʀʀʏ Hᴇᴀʀᴛ Kun oldin
That smirk at last, OMG I am dying in a cool way
Maximiliano Serrano
Maximiliano Serrano Kun oldin
como que esta canción es de hace 4 años?
Kelssy Pérez
Kelssy Pérez Kun oldin
I love how they're all dressed like Harry! 😂
Jodee AKA
Jodee AKA Kun oldin
this is the best video ever
sociαl rͥejͣeͫcτ αf
sociαl rͥejͣeͫcτ αf Kun oldin
now some lyrics make a lot of sense.. tHe BoX :]
Chantenique Du Plessis
Chantenique Du Plessis Kun oldin
I think I figured it out: The song says I'm having your baby it's none of your business. Ok... The music video is kids throwing cake. Soo... It's implying that he's a... SUGAR DADDY!!
Maria F.
Maria F. 2 kun oldin
aisel tomlinon
aisel tomlinon Kun oldin
Vanilla Thundersnow
Vanilla Thundersnow 2 kun oldin
is anyone else concerned? 🤨
Pau Peralta Olm
Pau Peralta Olm 2 kun oldin
2:13 there sounds a TIN
Rhea Ramkellawan
Rhea Ramkellawan 2 kun oldin
I am still confused to this day i still need answers harry
Jaz Styles
Jaz Styles 2 kun oldin
still in love
Kanishka Gupta
Kanishka Gupta 2 kun oldin
Now I get to know this song is about there last day of freedom .. if u are directioner or Larry u know the last day of louis was when they have cake fight like this and that's what it's shown in this MV and he also wearing blue t-shirt and the same way that Child is wearing blue suit and some people also say there are 28 children in this MV 😭😭😭😭💙💚
Lamija Adžajlić
Lamija Adžajlić 2 kun oldin
Still my favourite song😫☝🏼
debora specchiarello
debora specchiarello 2 kun oldin
BELÉN 28 2 kun oldin
Karol Rios
Karol Rios 2 kun oldin
Carly Kaye
Carly Kaye 2 kun oldin
Make it make sense please
aisel tomlinon
aisel tomlinon 2 kun oldin
its about a club he went to, called the box, its a strip club in nyc
Laila 2 kun oldin
O Harry é tão perfeito, né?💕
Erika Mireya Cabezas Herrera
Erika Mireya Cabezas Herrera 2 kun oldin
ok hi
ok hi 3 kun oldin
I have no idea what's going on but I love it
leuš izakova
leuš izakova 3 kun oldin
It's night. I can't sleep. My mom told me to play relaxing music, so I'm listening kiwi.😂 (But I fulfilled 50%, I played music.)
Ale Jeffery
Ale Jeffery 3 kun oldin
Esto es demasiado Bueno para mi pobre ser
Yali Grande Stylse
Yali Grande Stylse 3 kun oldin
הארי אהובייי
TALIA GROFF 3 kun oldin
I'M ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO EVERYOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ
reika gm
reika gm 3 kun oldin
I love you ❤️ Harry 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
R A 3 kun oldin
There are 28 kids . God I m dead .
Estrella Velazquez
Estrella Velazquez 3 kun oldin
Deevon Lee
Deevon Lee 3 kun oldin
I meant to put are
Deevon Lee
Deevon Lee 3 kun oldin
Looks like some kids I'm getting diabete
Ritu Raghav
Ritu Raghav 3 kun oldin
Harry: No children or animals were harmed during the making of this film. Me: Well, I know that coz you just can't.
Lilja 3 kun oldin
I'm probably looking WAY too far into this but, what if this ALL about Louis. Listen, the first line, 'she worked her way through her cheap pack of cigarettes', it is commonly known Louis smokes. But why not he/him pronouns? In the chorus there is the line 'I'm having your baby', right? What if it means ' I'm having a baby, that should have been yours.' And it is about Lou telling Harry about Freddie. Maybe that is why there are she/her pronouns used in the verses. It is also well known that the mv might resemble the cake fight in the gay bar. So why wouldn't there be other things linked to Louis and/or 1D. OR maybe the lyrics are exactly what happened to him or someone he knows.
Aditi Gupta
Aditi Gupta 3 kun oldin
I like long comments like this which have theory. They are exciting. heheehe
Lilja 3 kun oldin
@_ DYKWYR_ bahahaha
_ DYKWYR_ 3 kun oldin
if you think all of this . you are delusional and you need immediate help . that's it . nothing else .
Riddhi Jain
Riddhi Jain 3 kun oldin
That smirk at the end was ✨EVERYTHING!✨
DoYouKnowWhoYouAre 3 kun oldin
ok so kiwi can mean many things, so imma tell you guys what i think 1.so the last day one direction could be them selves they had a food fight, right? the music video was a food fight too 2. a pregnant woman loosing her baby because the lyrics "she worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes" alright so the mom smoked and lost her baby idk 2. harry wants his fans to be confused and it really means nothing
Dannah Penilla
Dannah Penilla 3 kun oldin
En el minuto 2:12 se escucha el tin que dijo harry aaaaaaa
CrownedRaptor 3 kun oldin
Isabella Medina
Isabella Medina 3 kun oldin
no te imaginas lo mucho que te amo
Divya Sooklal
Divya Sooklal 3 kun oldin
I will never understand this song cause the lyrics, mv and title have nothing in common but its okay cause he's harry styles
Fernanda López
Fernanda López 4 kun oldin
Vote for Harry for the iheart awards on Twitter
Ece Erkal
Ece Erkal 4 kun oldin
I love you Harry 🥺💚
Styles Vibz
Styles Vibz 4 kun oldin
AkMoEDITS 4 kun oldin
It mkes no sense The Video is just not what i expected
Super namnam
Super namnam 4 kun oldin
мушфоп лвоа пдыло ажфлао пдвлоа пфщашр щфшвар пзщр ваор гфкр гщфрк резшо лваыдо рфмдл
Rocio Burgos
Rocio Burgos 4 kun oldin
Meeli Styles
Meeli Styles 4 kun oldin
Shreyansh Das
Shreyansh Das 4 kun oldin
If niall would be here, it would be better food fight cuz he's a child too😂😂
Genevieve Jolene
Genevieve Jolene 4 kun oldin
volume up lad's
Abbie limelight •TGTATBO•
Abbie limelight •TGTATBO• 4 kun oldin
imma jist say it now. the vid is at 69 million views
D Pup
D Pup 4 kun oldin
Is it just me or this gives such high arctic monkeys vibes...
venice records
venice records 4 kun oldin
Radika 4 kun oldin
directioners please go stream drag me down to help get it to 1b vie3ws
Marcela López
Marcela López 4 kun oldin
Amo esto, amo a Harry ✨
Kyra Clarke
Kyra Clarke 4 kun oldin
wth these children are amazing actors omg
Judith Golarte
Judith Golarte 4 kun oldin
X :So,Harry how confusing from the title to the video of this song to you want it to be? Harry: Yes.
Lᴀʀʀʏ Hᴇᴀʀᴛ
Lᴀʀʀʏ Hᴇᴀʀᴛ 5 kun oldin
0:01 no food was harmed during the making of the video
Emiliano Chire
Emiliano Chire 5 kun oldin
so goooooooooooooddd
Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa 5 kun oldin
This song and “Clover Cage - Thorn In The Side Of The King” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...💕
邱于祐 5 kun oldin
Sounds like [one way]
Belinda Falcon
Belinda Falcon 5 kun oldin
69M views, nobody move
Miley Castro
Miley Castro 5 kun oldin
I'm still processing that he filmed this during his long hair phase
Cali Thorpe
Cali Thorpe 5 kun oldin
I’m offended by how well dressed all these kids are
ice ice
ice ice 5 kun oldin
아 한국인 보고싶다
Juliet Tomlinson
Juliet Tomlinson 5 kun oldin
The fact that these kids probably don't understand just how big of a deal haz is-
Channel Awesome
Channel Awesome 5 kun oldin
Harry and the Kids: hiving a food fight Niall: HEY!! DON'T WASTE FOOD!!!
Apurba Kumar 8973H
Apurba Kumar 8973H 5 kun oldin
No harry Styles was harmed in this video
Louise Bradley
Louise Bradley 5 kun oldin
Best song ever
sunshine girl
sunshine girl 5 kun oldin
If you think about it, it would make so much more sense if louis wrote this song...
_ DYKWYR_ 3 kun oldin
y'all stupid for trying to credit harry's success to that man . in the BTA , it was shown harry wrote it . leave kiwi and harry out of your theories.
Richa Joshi
Richa Joshi 5 kun oldin
Producer: Harry What Do u Want The Song To Be About Harry: I used to work in a Bakery Oh And P.s. The we used Fresh Kiwi's
chore Xd
chore Xd 5 kun oldin
La canción: evidentemente existe *yo* Me veo en la obligación de hacer un nivel con ella 😳
Cleo Ullman
Cleo Ullman 5 kun oldin
This does not make sense
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