Harry Styles - Woman (Audio)

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Woman, woman (La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la)
Wo-woman, woman
Woman, woman (La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la)
Wo-woman, woman (Hey!)
#Woman​ #HarryStyles #Pop

Angie Luz
Angie Luz 6 soat oldin
WOMAN WOMAN (La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la)
Voice oaf the Voicelesss
Voice oaf the Voicelesss 18 soat oldin
I love you Harry
Carla Montoya
Carla Montoya Kun oldin
Que no te guste esta canción debería ser ilegal
Blue Kun oldin
20% la la la~ 25% woman 50% quacc noises 5% anything else
Kelvyn Xavier
Kelvyn Xavier 2 kun oldin
Shes sister.
Lauren Chandler
Lauren Chandler 4 kun oldin
I never noticed until now but you can see the water rolling down his back
Monster Gaming
Monster Gaming 5 kun oldin
Isnt this the same duck thats in rihanna’s desperado
maria Grigoriadou
maria Grigoriadou 5 kun oldin
do we know who's the guy in the beginning?
Andrea Bintintan
Andrea Bintintan 5 kun oldin
Only harry would be like Lyrics:​ Woman, woman (La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la) Wo-woman, woman Woman, woman (La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la) Wo-woman, woman (Hey!)
Kera L Bell
Kera L Bell 6 kun oldin
okay you can’t tell me that the verses to this song are not sarcastic and he’s saying like “oh how much you hurt me” and then the chorus he’s just like “woman. calm down.” and then the lalalala is like yk when you put your hands up to your head with your five fingers up and and say “nananana boo boo” ITS LIKE THAT I SWEAR
happy icecream
happy icecream 7 kun oldin
The Duck ft. Harry Styles
Nicole Avila
Nicole Avila 7 kun oldin
uhhidk 7 kun oldin
ok so harry songs that make me feel so sexy that i can just put on a red dress and lipstick and high heels and go to a club andfhsjmwwm are: MEDICINE (harry i still want a studio version like rnjdjdmwma) woman she kiwi carolina only angel🙏🏼🙏🏼 anna (if its not on hs3 istg-) BYE BC THE VIBE I GET FROM THEM IS IMMACULATEDNNSKWKW
uhhidk 7 kun oldin
i just have one question after reading these comments... why are we constantly tryna label the sexuality of every song he’s ever made (idk if that makes sense but yk what i mean) like mate he’s UNLABELLED... so pls stop labelling him as gay or as straight and mind your own business my guy.
Deyviane Silva
Deyviane Silva 7 kun oldin
Imagina ser igual ao hazz
Milena Laranja
Milena Laranja 8 kun oldin
Is the best song the word.
Angela Ortiz
Angela Ortiz 8 kun oldin
mi canción
Candela Rosoni
Candela Rosoni 8 kun oldin
Joder no me canso de esta canción la amo, es como Girl Crush pero más disimulado
Nupur Kulkarni
Nupur Kulkarni 9 kun oldin
Am I the only one that noticed that the water droplets on his body are literally falling repeatedly?!? Look carefully to that image displayed!!🔥🌈 Edit: So is the pink water moving!! (Saw it now!)
Alessa AS
Alessa AS 9 kun oldin
Harry por ti respiro
Mayra 9 kun oldin
victoria reyes
victoria reyes 10 kun oldin
Holaaaa xd
BELÉN 28 10 kun oldin
Tremenda joya
Laxmi Kashyap
Laxmi Kashyap 11 kun oldin
All the directioners plz come to Nobody can drag me down there are some projects you should know if you don't know plz it's my heartly request ❤️
nasty 11 kun oldin
this song hits different at midnight when you can't sleep so you just listen to harry's music to pass the time
Nelly Lopez
Nelly Lopez 11 kun oldin
Woman lalalala
Hagar Ewais
Hagar Ewais 11 kun oldin
بطه بلدي
Regina Darling
Regina Darling 12 kun oldin
Can't get enough of this song 🔥🔥🔥
aman S
aman S 13 kun oldin
Wo-woman holds a special place in my heart❤
alcher urbano
alcher urbano 13 kun oldin
My mom loves you H
Wendy Avalos Ventura
Wendy Avalos Ventura 13 kun oldin
Baz Pitch
Baz Pitch 14 kun oldin
he keeps talking about how jealous and hurt he is when the woman is with "him", he wants the man, not the woman.
Eli CL
Eli CL 14 kun oldin
Me encanta, me encanta, ME ENCANTA esta canción. Ay! Es que todas las canciones de Harry son tan HERMOSAS E INCREÍBLES AL IGUAL QUE ÉL.
Wendy Avalos Ventura
Wendy Avalos Ventura 13 kun oldin
Prachi Pargal
Prachi Pargal 15 kun oldin
its the kind of song, that you play when you are high af, because you made this song while you were high af -duck
Boba 15 kun oldin
DAmnn almost 4 years agoo
maju 15 kun oldin
woman lalalalala
juno 15 kun oldin
my favorite out of all the songs in the album
she 17 kun oldin
Should we just search romantic comedies on Netflix And then see what we find? I'm selfish, I know But I don't ever want to see you with him I'm selfish, I know I told you, but I know you never listen I hope you can see, the shape that I'm in While he's touching your skin He's right where I should, where I should be But you're making me bleed Woman Woman (la-la-la-la-la) Wo-Woman Woman Woman Woman (la-la-la-la-la) Wo-Woman Woman (hey) Tempted, you know Apologies are never gonna fix this I'm empty, I know And promises are broken like a stich is I hope you can see, the shape I've been in While he's touching your skin This thing upon me, howls like a beast You flower, you feast Woman Woman (la-la-la-la-la) Wo-Woman Woman Woman Woman (la-la-la-la-la) Wo-Woman Woman Woman
forever peach
forever peach 17 kun oldin
I didn't think it was humanly possible to love someone else than harry. And any woman who does just isn't a being their aliens👽
one direction supremacy
one direction supremacy 18 kun oldin
Coming next, we have an album called 'Ways to name a female' it features songs like; 'Female' 'Lady' 'Her' 'Feminine creature' 'Girl' 'Lassie' 'Wife' And much, much more. So stay tuned 👍
Sofia Mendez
Sofia Mendez 18 kun oldin
god, THIS song
niki Kumar
niki Kumar 18 kun oldin
he protecc he attacc but most importantly- he can quacc
Майнкрафт мэн Про
Майнкрафт мэн Про 19 kun oldin
I love Harry Styles
Jessica Mc elwee
Jessica Mc elwee 19 kun oldin
onusua 19 kun oldin
Kevin Schultz
Kevin Schultz 19 kun oldin
Benny and the jets vibe
A piece Of lettuce
A piece Of lettuce 20 kun oldin
This is my favorite Harry song for some reason it makes me so happy sometimes and sometimes bawl my eyes and it’s not even a sad song
A piece Of lettuce
A piece Of lettuce 20 kun oldin
Theory: Disclaimer: it’s just a theory thats not necessarily true that I found on TikTok Apparently someone tells Harry that he’s a man and should only be with a woman and so the lines “w-woman” as in shock and disbelief and then the lines “la la la” as an act of ignoring or not listening
Alexa Stylinson
Alexa Stylinson 21 kun oldin
_"Promises are broken like a stitch is."_ Well that explains the *"18 months"*
Ayça Ülkü
Ayça Ülkü 21 kun oldin
Ummm why do you guys think woman is about a woman... I strongly get girl crush vibes from this song.
Slytherpuff 2809
Slytherpuff 2809 21 kun oldin
Slytherpuff 2809
Slytherpuff 2809 21 kun oldin
Franka 22 kun oldin
Unfortunatly late to this song, but I listend to it in the background (with headphones) and the beginning kinda freaked me out
pallak bammi
pallak bammi 23 kun oldin
I just freaked out when i saw a legit water droplet falling from Harry's back in the picture and thought i was going crazy
Alexa Stylinson
Alexa Stylinson 23 kun oldin
*This song just make me wanna stan ✨women✨*
Laurie Ross
Laurie Ross 24 kun oldin
I searched Harry styles Duck noises because I couldn’t remember the name 😂
Alex Cuentas
Alex Cuentas 24 kun oldin
i know this feeling so well
Deysi Michell Hernández Hernández
Deysi Michell Hernández Hernández 24 kun oldin
Ariany Lins Rossi
Ariany Lins Rossi 24 kun oldin
2021 anyone?
Marianne Magaña
Marianne Magaña 24 kun oldin
Don't worry you're not the only one listening to this masterpiece on 2021.
Anny Hro
Anny Hro 24 kun oldin
Harry, I love you, you are my life, I adore you. your music and you make me very happy, you are the therapy of my life you and your music make me want to live Thank you for your precious existence and with that you make me the happiest person in this world. I love you, I thank destiny for being born in the same time as you, you make me want to live, you and your music are art, I adore you my king, congratulations on all your achievements, you deserve all the most beautiful things in this world , but the world does not deserve you, I love you king of my heart, god of my life.
Amy P
Amy P 25 kun oldin
is it just me or does the man at the start sound like Jake Gyllenhaal?
GangSavage21 26 kun oldin
The best song ever
azizansari2 26 kun oldin
And what a woman!
Brianna 26 kun oldin
Legend of history 📈
No soy Yo
No soy Yo 27 kun oldin
... Cuak
Maisa Monteiro
Maisa Monteiro 27 kun oldin
la la la la la la
freyaa 27 kun oldin
Your therapist
Your therapist 28 kun oldin
Omg am I just going insane or is that a duck-😭
Alice 28 kun oldin
3:07 you're welcome
Ashley styles,st
Ashley styles,st 28 kun oldin
He is perfect :) our baby is already big 💚😭🥺
Srishti Bisht
Srishti Bisht 29 kun oldin
He protecc He Attacc But most importantly..... He QUACC
Kayleigh like trains
Kayleigh like trains Oy oldin
I can’t be the only one who thought he was saying “Horan” when I first heard the song 😳
Maryam Badry
Maryam Badry Oy oldin
everyone talking bout the duck but im watching that one water drop sliding off his back
Isis M
Isis M Oy oldin
Joder Harry, por q todo lo q haces es arte osea para porfavor.
Isis M
Isis M Oy oldin
igiady Sotomayor Garcia
igiady Sotomayor Garcia Oy oldin
harry yo t amo
Amrutha Hegde
Amrutha Hegde Oy oldin
He sing he dance but most importantly he quack😌✋
Gertie Games
Gertie Games Oy oldin
i hear vomen more then women :3 we have another chonce :>
Zeynep Acartürk
Zeynep Acartürk Oy oldin
i just found out the real meaning behind the song... and i feel so dumb that I didn't notice this before...
Zeynep Acartürk
Zeynep Acartürk Oy oldin
@EDA KAHRAMAN turkum kizz
Türk müsün kııız
Ashley Morán
Ashley Morán Oy oldin
I feel dumb, too
Ashley Morán
Ashley Morán Oy oldin
Im here for that
Valeria Monroy
Valeria Monroy Oy oldin
jodwr flaco, es q yo te amo mucho, se imaginan a Harry long hair cantando esta joya? DIOOOS
Gargi Deshmukh
Gargi Deshmukh Oy oldin
This. This.. is my ✨ comfort ✨
Young Super
Young Super Oy oldin
zaina khalid
zaina khalid Oy oldin
"woman" sound so good omg
Malu lopes
Malu lopes Oy oldin
I'm here in 2021 and he win's the Grammy yesterday, I'm so proud of Harry, he was just a guy who works in a bakery and now he win the Grammy, Harry i love you so much baby
Vibe no more Idk
Vibe no more Idk Oy oldin
Sophiette Oy oldin
28 Oy oldin
"So how many QUACKS do we need for this song Harry" Harry: "yes"
kawai aesa
kawai aesa Oy oldin
Mar GD
Mar GD Oy oldin
Eres perfecto
Alexya Anne
Alexya Anne Oy oldin
I just need comment this here: HE HAS A GRAMMY
gacha_Viola Oy oldin
I love this Song And i love you
Nobody: Harry: Quack
Thivasini Ravindran
Thivasini Ravindran Oy oldin
I just noticed that there are a couple of droplets of water dripping down his back 🥵
Bluediamond Arias
Bluediamond Arias Oy oldin
Esperando los GRAMMYs ❤️
Mairufa Mehek
Mairufa Mehek Oy oldin
*agrees in lesbian falling for that one straight friend*
Maria Rosales Rico
Maria Rosales Rico Oy oldin
2:40 soooooo good 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻🔥🔥🔥
maeve smith
maeve smith Oy oldin
He protecc He attacc But most importantly.... HE QUACC
call me moon
call me moon Oy oldin
call me moon
call me moon Oy oldin
todo mundo sabe que você dança woman na frente do espelho, não precisa esconder
Andrea HS
Andrea HS Oy oldin
con esta canción me siento empoderada SISISISI.....Y EL GRAMMY ES PARA....HARRY STYLES
Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett Oy oldin
Yeah this is it here you go
shy shy shy
shy shy shy Oy oldin
this song makes me feel like a sophisticated woman wanted by everyone 💅
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